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Lego Technic creation

lego technic

Few years ago, I was deciding whether to build from Lego Technic of Merkur kit. I chose Merkur kit. But Merkur is not so great if you want to build with more gears and more complex mechanism. The other disadvantage is its weight.

I bought Lego Technic in order to build complex gears and mechanisms. The main advantage lies definitely in its weight and also a possibility to build all the mechanisms in minimalistic dimensions. Thanks to the tight mounting of the parts is the entire construction more precise as well.

Unfortunately, Lego Technic is quite expensive if a man wants to own a reasonable base of parts (man can buy them separately of course). I am an owner of the following sets:

  • 42039 - 24 Hours Race Car
  • 42038 - Arctic Truck
  • 42036 - Street Motorcycle
  • 42005 - Monster Truck
  • 42030 - Volvo L350F Wheel Loader
  • 42008 - Service Truck
  • 9397 - Logging Truck
  • 9395 - Pick-Up Tow Truck