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Monster Truck 42005 (2015)


My wife gave me Monster Truck (Lego Technic 42005) for Christmas. I wished it because of shock absorbers. My goal is to little by little have as wide variety of pieces of possible. To my satisfaction I am still missing tracks and bigger absorbers including steering parts for independent suspension.

The build process was quite easy and I managed it fast, even though I tried to build it as slow as possible (to prolong the joy). I omitted some parts that bounded the steering. This modification significantly reduced steering radius.

After a while the truck started to bore me. There was only one solution – to rebuild it to the remote control version. I wanted to keep steering of both axles. I started the rebuild from the rear axle. Both wheels are connected using differential that is driven by PF Large motor.

Then, it remained to build the steering. I managed to place it beneath the battery box using few gears. I enjoyed the remote version a lot. Well, see for yourself in the attached video…

Click the image to show it in higher resolution
Moster Truck without wheels
Shafts for motors
Steering mechanism with gears
Chasis of the truck - drive and steering

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