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Tractor lawn mower (2014)

Tractor lawn mower (2014)

During the visit of my parents on the farm I just had to drive a tractor lawn mower and mow a part of the garden. Since I really enjoyed it, I had to build a version of the tractor using a lego. Buying a 42030 set I got IR receivers. I decided to extend my universal remote to control Lego PF over the IR.

First, I studied the IR Lego PF protocol. I managed to implement it and control the motors wirelessly. The implementation includes both Combo direct and Combo PWM modes. The only obstacle that gave me a hard time was the exact timing of the processor. I made myself to correct the code to measure the time in us or ns.

The construction begun by the rear section. I wanted the rear axle with suspension. At first I wanted to steer the tractor using a piston. But I had to give it up and realize the steering with a servo.

Then I build the mowing mechanism that is driven by a motor. The lifting mechanism was finally realised using a wire and a winch.

The last step was to give the tractor some look. I also build a small cart that can be connected to the tractor.

Pictures, schemes, videos

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Drive and rear axle attachment
Rear axle with a steering servo
Mowing mechanism
Mowing height adjustment
IR reciever mouting
The entire mechanics of the mower
The final shape of the mower
It comes with a small cart

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