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SUV Racer 42039 Motorized

SUV Racer 42039 Motorized

I hesitated for a while whether to buy some of the new 2015 Lego Technic models. Of course, I did not resist for long. I still do not have all the pieces I would like to have. I had to choose the best suite for me then.

The toughest choice was between artic truck and race car. Artic truck has belts, one piston and 4 shock absorbers. Race car has also 4 shock absorbers, new gearbox ring (3 studs) and light discs. Race has more pieces and better price per piece ratio. Race car won the choice.

Since I did not like the look of the race car, I decided to build the B model – SUV racer. The lights lifting mechanism attracted me the most. It does not fit to the car but it is a nice mechanical stuff.

Instructions were only in online form. But still I was not able to open in on my tablet. Then I found out, that the file is really huge. I had to convert it and load it to the table my way. Nevertheless, everything went well and I enjoyed the car a lot as you can see from the attached video.

Click the image to show it in higher resolution
Light lift motor
Drive motor
Steering motor
IR reciever , battery holder
Front view with nice lights
The final look

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