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Bulldozer (2015)


I wanted to build something using a Merkur set which was my favourite during childhood. I have already built a bulldozer but it had not so sophisticated tracks. The blade’s attachment was pour as well. Thus, I decided to build a new version of this machine.

The construction started traditionally with the undercarriage and tracks. I used Tamiya gearbox and a set of tracks and wheels. Then, I assembled the blade which was planned to be huge and attached inside the tracks. The blade is lifted using two larger servos and tilted by a third medium size servo (all of them Hitec).

The new version had to be independent on the external power supply unlike the previous one. The next step was to create a battery box holder. Then I stuffed all the peripherals, lights and processor to free space and connected them together properly.

I took the created prototype to my parents’ during the visit and tested it inside a sheep and roebuck–run. They both liked it and the bulldozer worked great even in the terrain. I could finish it afterwards and test the final version on fresh snow.

Pictures, schemes, videos

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Undercarriage with tracks
Battery box placed under the cabin
Processor (peripherals bellow)
The final bulldozer
Cabin and batteries dissasembly
Blade dissasembly
Used peripherals

Source codes

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Bulldozer.c: main file
Bulldozer.h: headers file

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