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School Bus

School Bus

Since I like series The Simpsons and South Park, I see the old American yellow school bus quite a lot. I wanted to test my new remote controller and control unit based on STM32F4 mini on this project.

I started the building process with front wheel suspension and fake V8 engine mounting. I was also building the gear box separately. After I assembled everything together, I found out that the chassis is not so solid and the motor is far too up. Thus, I dismantle everything and I started a gain from scratch. The final chassis is quite robust and the entire functionality is well placed. The chassis has suspension for all the wheels, four speed gearbox, all-wheel drive clutch and fake V8 motor with radiator.

The next phase was to build the cabin, driver door and tilting sign STOP. Door is forced to be opened using a rubber and are closed using a string winch that pulls the door towards the bus. The sign STOP is being tilted using a worm gear and leverage.

The final bus is further equipped with emergency exit, various lights and speaker for acoustic signalization. I used my own stickers for the first time in order to increase the bus’s credibility.

Click the image to show it in higher resolution
The original placement of motoru and AWD clutch
The original realization of the chassis
My own piece for easier realization of AWD clutch
The complete original chassis
The final realisation of the drive including gearbox
The functional chassis with a V8 motor
Openable motor hood
The bassis of the cabin and openable door
The mechanism of tilting STOP sign
The mechanism of openable door using a string
The final School Bus
Remote control mapping

Source codes

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Bus.c: main file
Bus.h: headers file

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