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Dump Truck (2014)


The next milestone was a vehicle with a gearbox. I started modestly. I wanted 4 speed synchronized gearbox. I decided to build a vehicle with bigger dimensions so I can fit all the stuff inside comfortably. Since I had never built a dump truck, there was nothing to deal with. After surfing a bit, I chose Kamaz 6540 as a template.

I drew a basic scheme on the paper and started the construction with the basic chassis. The car steers using both front axles. I made the remaining ones with a suspension. After a while and a little bit of rebuilding I managed to integrate the gearbox to the undercarriage. The gearbox is controlled by two micro servo motors that move the rods. The steering mechanism is done using a worm gear.

Then I build a skeleton of the tipping part and started trying different tipping mechanisms. Finally, I managed to build a functional one using two pistons that are literally stuffed in the chassis. So, everything important was then finished. Then I constructed a cabin with open-able doors and started to add all the peripherals.

I equipped the car with turning signals, brake, rear and front lights. Both front and rear lights are automatically switched on in the dark. Everything is controlled by my universal remote controller. Be sure to watch the video bellow to discover all the truck’s functionalities.

Pictures, schemes, videos

Click the image to show it in higher resolution
The basic chassis
One of the considered tipping mechanisms
The tipper skeleton
The final version of the tipping
The finished tipping part of the vehicle
Cabin with open-able doors
Mounting the perihperals
The most of the peripherals are places in the cabin and in the undercarriage
Placement of the 3.3, 5 and 9V supply with batteries
All the peripherals used inside the construction

Source codes

Click the label to show the source code
DumpTruck.c: main file
DumpTruck.h: headers file

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