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Fire Truck Special (2014)

Fire Truck Special (2014)

I thought about an idea to build something with a water pump for a while. Since the water pump is quite expensive I decided to build my own one. So, I bought a child water pistol and removed the pump using a small hammer. Then, I updated its inner spring so it is easier to push it. The pump is controller using a continuous servo motor with a mechanism based on car’s wipers. The water pump gave me a lot of hard time as for construction. In the end I choose the mechanism with a string that pushes a lever pressing the piston with a spring.

Having the water pump build I thought about something to integrate it into. The choice was to build a fire truck. Searching the internet I found quite nice airport special fire truck that inspired me. I started the construction from the arm that is crucial for the truck. The first version of the arm was sturdy but rather heavy. Thus, I dismantle it and build a light-weighted version instead.

The construction continued with the truck itself. First, I created a rough base construction with wheels, drive and steering servo. Then, I constructed front and back of the car with lights. Finally, I created a cabin that sustains the entire arm mounting.

I decided to put the water pump to the truck’s chassis. All that remained was a water tank. There left only little space thanks to the peripherals. But I managed to come up with a refined solution. I took a tube from fuzzy tablets, than I made a hole in the bottom and glued an aquarium tube connector inside. I covered the entire tube using a black scotch tape so it fitted to the car design.

After I put all the peripherals inside the car I started to write a code for the microprocessor. Since I put a temperature and illumination level sensor to the truck’s arms, I forced myself to finish a part of my own transfer protocol for the universal remote controller. So, I finally implemented the part that can process and display message send from the end device. You can see it in the video bellow.

Pictures, schemes, videos

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The first attempt to build a water pump
The final version of the water pump
The first version of the front part of the arm
The first version of the arm
Main body frame
Rear wheel drive detail
Steering using a servo motor
Construction of the front part of the car
Arm lifting pistons
The final lightweigted version of the entire arm
Water pump integration into the vehicle
Peripherals instalation
The front part of the arm with a hose and sensors
The final version of the Fire Truck
The final version of the Fire Truck
Battery box placed behind the seats in the cab
Pisons and arm mounting
Peripherals used during fire truck assembly

Source codes

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FireTruck.c: main file
FireTruck.h: headers file

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