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Tricycle with PDC

Tricycle with PDC

When I was finding some inspiration I remembered that my grandfather used to drive a vehicle called Velorex. Unfortunately, I did not own motorbike wheels those days. Luckily, my wife gave me a Lego technic motorcycle as a gift so I could build this vehicle.

Unlike the Velorex I decided to build front wheel drive so it overcomes obstacles more easily. I added cheap distance sensor in order to make it more interesting and robotics category. This way I could create parking assistant. Quite a while I wanted to build a mechanism where some part tilts and another ejects from a hiding. I created lights tilting mechanism in this creation where the lights can be hidden beneath the hood.

I started the building with the front axis where both the wheels have independent suspension. I took me some time to create the steering mechanism so it behaves naturally event when the springs are pushed down. Then I created the lights tilting mechanism. This one took me the most time until I found the right mechanical transmission so the wheels are not affected. I put the distance sensor into this part as well.

The following building was pure improvisation. I created motor hood and back with lights first. Then I placed motors, servo and micro-processor inside. The next step consisted of sides and battery holder. Finally, I build roof, seats, mirrors and wipers. When the mechanic part was done, I had to create the programming, mainly for the parking distance control part. I found out it difficult to calibrate the sensor properly. Thus, I let it adjustable using the remote control.

I am very proud of the final vehicle. Unlike the previous ones, it is pretty fast. I had much fun when creating short movie. Well, see for yourself…

Pictures, schemes, videos

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Mounting of the distance sensor
The final look of the vehicle
The final look of the vehicle
Tricycle\'s condition after filming and some crashes
Tricycle with parking distance assistant
Lights tilting mechanism
Used peripherals
Remote control mapping

Source codes

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Tricycle.c: main file
Tricycle.h: headers file

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